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Amazing Gambling fact
  The 1St Slot Machine was created   in 1887 by Charles Fey as a way of   entertain the customers that were   waiting their car to be repaired.
Trustworthy Online Casinos - Amazing Gambling Fact
The Devil´s Game
  If you add up all the numbers on   the wheel of a Roulette game you   get 666 as a result. That´s why is   called "The game of the beast".
Trustworthy Online Casinos - Roulette - The devil´s game
Do you know...
  Casinos specialize in games that   produce near wins, like Blackjack   and Slot Machines, but in long run   the house always have advantage.
Trustworthy Online Casinos - Do you know...
Responsible Gambling Tips
Gambling is not a way of make money
Never barrow money to gambling
Never try to run after your losses
Set time and money limit to gamble
Don´t gamble when you´re depressed
Do not mix gambling with Alcohol
Balance gamble with other activities
Don´t gamble to solve your problems
When you win, don´t put it back
Trustworthy Online Casinos - Responsible Gambling Tips
Online Gambling Jurisdictions
Trustworthy Online Casinos - Online Gambling Jurisdictions

Contact Trustworthy Online Casinos

In we take our visitors seriously.
We don´t play with your precious time, so we created a fast-answer support to you.
Any question, doubt or complain that you may have regarding the casinos that we list in our site, or if you want to promote us or some online casino that we list, you simply send an e-mail to:

After receive the e-mail with your concern, we will review and answer in the fastest time possible.
You can expect an answer from us between 0 and 24h.

Please be advised that this contact was made to help players, NOT to do links exchange or list articles with links to your site in them.
Any kind of enquiry that we receive regarding these matters will be ignored and deleted without reply. 

If you are an online casino operator and would like to be listed in our site, please be advised that our is intended to be a player´s turned affiliate.
If the online casino where you work has clear terms & conditions, play fair and promote responsible gambling, pay player´s winnings in reasonable time, has clear contacts regarding customer support and at least 2 ways of get in touch, send us an e-mail to:

Please be advised that we will play and review the casino before listing it.
If the casino tries to scam us we will track a record, send to our personal blacklist and publish it in so many places as we can.

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